My name is Megan.

Intuitive Life Coach, NLP Practitioner,

Lover of Neuroscience & the Quantum World

and I offer you:


The Truth Behind Being an Intuitive Life Coach


Just How Dis-organized OUR lives can be!

Well…at least, I know this is the Truth for me.


Show me a “perfect person”

and that’ll be the day I give up.

Our realities are not what shape us,


And in turn, we. shape. our. realities.

The longer we allow limiting beliefs, self-doubt, demands of others,

and just general life bring us down,

Then we have done just that…We have ALLOWED it to be so.


So it is. Right? Right.

We all have an unshakeable inner-power,

though many are afraid of it.

Again, we ALL have an unshakeable inner-power,

Though many are afraid of it.

What does that express?

Think about it for a second…

Literally, we. are. afraid. of. OURSELVES!

It is within that fear that we forget to “shine”,

and find ourselves feeling like we’re “in a canoe,

without a paddle.”

If we all could just, for even a minute,

take a moment to do what we actually want?!

If you want it enough and can truly believe you have it


You can and you truly do! Not will, but do.

You already have everything that you need.

The direction might change every now and then,

but you’re still on your path. Not my path, their paths,

your path.

The journey, you know the saying…it truly is about

the journey.

Not just the “rolling credits.”


c4f86b34bcdee63b2b4999fdd34763e1 (1)

I have discovered just how much Truth

  there is behind this one simple fact:

We are ALL Energy.

The energy with which we give out is the energy with which we receive.

What we emit = what we get.

How you react to the situations that inevitably occur


Everyone is going to have “their way”


I’m not here to force or coerce anyone into

“believing me.”

I’m here to help as many people as I can,

as a Collective Consciousness, as a whole,

as ourselves!

I know my Truth. And yes, like you have with yours,

I’ve questioned mine.

Why is that? Because we are all made to be perfectly imperfect.

If you are looking for a better way to organize

the amazing “mess” you are,

Stay a while?

Authentically yours,

Megan Nicole



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8 thoughts

  1. Well said. Those of us who are “In tuned” all know there is more to us than the physical self. Most all of we the gifted are the doers, savers, & helpers. Great to see a like- minded person as well as interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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