November 3, 2017


So what are some signs that you may be a healer/you harness the gift of healing others intuitively? The list below is a starting point to provide you with a general idea of what it is and what it takes to be an intuitive healer:

  1. People, even strangers, often come to you with their problems and often these problems are personal.

  2. Your main goal in life or one of your strongest desires is to help others.

  3. People often tell you that talking to you, or even just being in your presence makes them feel better.

  4. You often put others’ needs before your own. You just want to help; even if at the expense of yourself. Note: This is likely due to the high likelihood that you are an empath and feel very strongly for those around you. Often, you can help shed led in the form of clarity on someone else’s confusion.

  5. You are curious about…well, everything. Often known to be a deep thinker, you wonder about the World, the Afterlife, and often study subjects such as Physics, Science, Spirituality, Reiki, Psychology, etc. to find answers to your deepest questions. You are more than likely highly interested in Spiritual modalities such as palmistry, channeling Spirit, or the use of Divination tools.

  6. You tend to have a tranquil effect on people.

  7. You love to be in nature – by the water, woods, etc. You may collect stones, shells, plants, or flowers.

  8. Daily Spiritual Practice is important to you. Whether through meditating, music, journaling; the list goes on. You know the importance of calming the mind to calm the heart and the Soul into the vibration of pure love and infinite peace.

  9. You can often sense tension when walking into a room following an argument. Or, just the same, you can feel the joy in a room following fits of laughter. 🙂

  10. You NEED your “alone time.” You find it to be necessary for you to be able to recharge and meditate on the reality you wish to manifest.

  11. Children and animals are drawn to you and, often times, stick to you like glue. This one is especially common, I have noticed in my work. It is as if children and animals flock, for lack of a better word, to you.

  12. You feel drained after being around people who either directly drain you of your life-force energy – i.e. abusive relationships or people who constantly put you down; or they indirectly leave you feeling drained – i.e. after spending time with someone in a “bad mood,” it tends to rub off on you.

  13. You use creative outlets to weave a stronger web to Higher Self, God (Divine Love, source Energy, Universe, COEXIST), Archangels, Angels, your Guides, your Higher Self, and Spirit. Journaling, playing a musical instrument, art, research – you name it. Such creative outlets make way for clarity in your communication and allow you to express yourself freely.

  14. You prefer natural healing methods such as massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and/or vitamins over modern medicine.

  15. You just KNOW (again, think: intuitively) when something is wrong with the physical body, whether yours or someone else’s. You just know and find yourself knowing the route(s) to take to start healing yourself or them.

Recognize Several of These Signs?

If so, you are, indeed, an intuitive healer. Healing is not just about making someone “all better.” It goes deeper than just the physical, as mentioned earlier. Healing comes in the form of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual means. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to tapping into your natural healing abilities. They are one of our birthrights. To develop your skills, practice deep breathing and quieting your mind – whether through meditation or simply breathing and FEELING your space and feelings while embracing them for all they are. If you are interested in helping others more than you already are, you could delve deeper into your gifts by studying certain healing practices such as Reiki, Shamanism, or Aromatherapy. Keep in mind, you do not have to take it to that level if not interested, as you have to follow what is best for YOU. If you want to solely focus on intuitively healing yourself or your, personal loved ones – you ARE allowed to do so. Simply pay attention to your intuition without reservation and watch your own life and the lives of others around you improve in profound and astounding ways.

Energy flows where attention goes. Your focus is where you are aiming your energy. Keep aiming high and realize that you DO and ARE making a difference in others’ lives every single day. Do not hide your true Self, your talents, your abilities. Embrace them; for, we all need to raise in frequency and vibration. It took me a while to expose myself in the way that I have, but I will tell you – I could not be happier. If you find you resonate with being able to heal intuitively then just remember: you are a light shining for others and are here for a purpose. Step into that purpose and allow yourself to flow.  Follow your intuition without reservation and watch your own life and the lives of others around you improve in profound and astounding ways.

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