You know when you meet someone and you do that “double-take” thing? Then you share a glance and it is as if your life has changed forever…just upon meeting them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have not felt this, at least not yet.


It goes beyond exchanging glances, it goes beyond your typical kind of love – there is a mission and you can feel it almost instantly. Two people, two complete souls, yet always bound together by said Divine connection. This is the very essence of the twin flame/twin soul relationship, phenomena (to many), and extension of Truth for all that is.

I met my “counterpart” in a way that was not typical, which is odd because it is typical for twin flames. Anyway, we were both in relationships, had different things going on in life, yet we had similarities and a pull that one could never put into words. I ran, I ran so far away. I couldn’t get away (good song). Nor, did I truly want to, but felt that I had to. At that time, I was younger and had absolutely NO clue what made up the foundation of a twin flame relationship. I barely even knew what made a soul mate a true soul mate (yes, twin flames and soul mates ARE different species.) Shoot, I barely knew how to “navigate” a regular relationship. Though, I knew something was different. Always being told to “look for the signs” or “what is the first song that comes on the radio when we part ways?” I rebelled, per usual me and went on about my life. It was wonderful when it was and it ended when it did.

 Now let me specify, it is not something that comes easy, as they like to depict in fairy tales. Here is the Truth behind twin flames:

We share the same soul essence, yet we are two separate souls. We collide, we are filled with passion, then one usually runs and the other chases. This often continues for years, leading to different lives, getting married, having children, and the like. Everyone’s situation is their own.The thing is, the pull remains, always. You can not figure out why, but it is there. You just know something is different. You literally would die for this person.

Why is that? Because, in essence, this person is you. Polar opposites that come together in a conjunction with love, peace, prosperity, the betterment of the Self and hope for humanity (and it’s saving). Again, you are each other’s counterparts. This does not necessarily mean you will end up together. In fact, as I stated in the last paragraph, life happens. Then, so does the cessation of life.

large (2)

Yes, you read that correctly – you can lose your twin flame to physical practicalities, events you cannot avoid or control such as the loss of physical life. Though, let me tell you, the bond that which binds “twins” together grows even stronger. Why is that? One has completely let go of their egotistical ways (as that is what occurs upon leaving the physical body). Meaning, in essence, all that is “visible” and felt from here on out is their love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and guess what else? The mission! The mission still continues, and with even more clarity.

I know there are people who claim “you cannot lose your twin flame to death, for they weren’t your twin flame in that case.” And, that is all fine and dandy, but I know what I know and am very, very eternally grateful for what has been shown, taught, and delivered to me since. The awakening occurred for me as I took in a deep breath, while he took his last.

It was instantaneous. It was and never has been disrespectful to loved ones related, nor will it ever be, as it is pure and true and from Divine sources. What people really need to understand is that titles truly do not matter, but as human beings with human being egos – we just have to title everything. It is almost annoying, but it is true. When both are still in the physical, they both have their egotistical ways (typically what caused the separation in the first place). After one returns to simply being, in Spirit, things change immensely.

 No longer am I afraid. Oh, and contrary to popular belief, twin flames can and often do become one of our guides upon leaving their physical bodies, as can other loved ones of ours. It just depends on your “soul contract” (more on that in another post!) Again, you just know. The funny thing is, sometimes you do not know. In all it’s splendid, yet twisted ways that person being your twin flame is not always evident until later on. Because, again, titles do not matter. It is what you know and feel.

Sometimes you find out when you feel it is “too late.”  I am here to tell you, it is never too late. Even if you find your twin, are separated for years, and then they pass on – you still have your mission to complete! If one awakens to said mission – they are then awakened to their gifts in a way I still cannot fathom to this day, myself. Never again will I question anything, literally, as far as the connection shared. Believe you me, it is astounding what unconditional love, and I mean universal love for ALL, can do.

Bring light by sharing light with others. The ‘shadows” we place over ourselves, the clouds we allow to surround us – those are done by our own selves! Not our true Self/Spirit essence, but our physical, ego-filled, doubting selves. That is why this shift in perspective is so important. Collective consciousness IS, indeed, a real and true thing. The more who believe, the more who receive the understanding of all there is.

 This life, right here, right now is but a blip in time, passing through, passing by, accelerating at speeds I can not even begin to explain. Once more, it is truly something you simply know and feel within your being, deep in your core. You know.

It is odd and difficult to admit this (depending upon who stumbles on this post) but, working together has never been so much fun. Now, it is a constant mission of striving to be a better SELF and helping empower others. Yes, with assistance, not just from my “titled” twin flame, but from Truth, the Angelic Realms (yes, that is plural), God, Source, Universal love, what-have-you. Spirit Guides, animal totems, all of this “stuff” is truly real.

We are composed of both light and dark/yin and yang. I spoke about this in a blog post yesterday or the day before. When you are able to accept the “dark” and embrace the light, it’s all gravy, baby!

 Keep it simple, keep it light and know that you are always loved.

Forever and always.

A love that knows no bounds, no limits, and transcends time and space. All of us, all of our loved ones remain connected to us in some way, always. Though, again, it is different. It is sharing that love with the World that matters the most. It is being given the opportunity to manifest a desire to serve, a longing to love your Self, and a willingness to strive for the betterment of all that is and all that ever will be.

It is extending a helping hand when someone needs it, even though you are having a “bad day.” It is being and expressing your Truth. It is being a voice, instead of an echo. It is the value of a shared understanding that neither person can understand on their own…Now, I understand. And, though it goes without saying, I would rather it had not been in such a way – all that is meant to be will be as it should be. We still would not be together, more than likely, as I previously mentioned we had our own lives. Though, we would have been back and forth trying to understand why we had such a bond, unlike no other.

*** Note, I have done extensive research on the twin flame counterpart/twin souls, the mission, as I was led to do so. Again, having no idea for years what any of this meant. Literally, I had experiences all throughout life, but nothing like that of which I have experienced now. I can proudly say I finally KNOW and, more importantly, UNDERSTAND the value of my twin. If you have found yours, you should do the same. If you have not yet found your shared soul, do not fret, and still do the same – strive to know and understand the value of them. For, I can promise you, it is worth it!

With love,

Megan Nicole

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