Think of thoughts as just a streaming influx of both positive and negative emotions. When you can, are able to identify the “less-than-positive” ones that flow through, do grab and replace them with positive ones, or focus on redirecting your thoughts to something else entirely, not on the current situation at hand.

I say this because, while simply attempting to change our thoughts is a general step in the right direction, I have learned it truly does take more than that. That is why I mention a change, a shift in perspective numerous times throughout my site and my blog. It is the belief, the intent you hold behind the thoughts that you are having.

You can tell yourself all day long that your relationship is a healthy one, your career a fulfilling one, and/or your health has a check in the checkbox for “healthy and happy camper!” None of that will matter until you actually apply the belief to your life. There is truly a fine line between trying to convince yourself something is accurate for you, versus it truly being as such.

For example, Charlie believes he must always maintain his title and uphold his pride, though with great unease and unhappiness. He attempts to convince himself that he loves his job, his long hours, his love life, or lack thereof. The thing is? He still has either negative or positive (more often times, both) thoughts and feelings attached to the belief he is trying to convince himself he believes in.

He gets up, goes to work, he feels good about himself by getting the recognition he believes he deserves but goes home feeling empty and alone because he is missing an important part of the equation:

What he ACTUALLY wants, desires, and truly deserves. In its entirety. 

What we fixate on, we do get, but if it is not the right consideration, the healthiest for all involved – it will not be in the way we imagined to receive it. This typically occurs when we do not have a clear vision, a clear feel for what we truly deserve. If Charlie keeps telling himself, “my love life is great. I will find a healthy partner when the time is right” he is correct and he will. Though, as HE said himself, “when the time is right.” If he is spending all of his time and effort on believing work to be the only self-fulfilling aspect of his life then that is just what it will be. He has to truly believe he can and he will by having a clear intent, a heart-set goal on loving himself, finding out who he truly is and yes, when the time is right, extending that love to another.

Do you see where, even though he can tell himself his love life is great, he has to actually believe it to be as such? His thoughts and his beliefs were not in proper alignment, as he was not taking the necessary time and steps to develop and grow from his past experiences.


Listen, if it does not resonate with your Soul, with your true SELF, there is a reason. You CAN have whatever you wish to have, but you can only have that of which wishes you believe are attainable and align with your soul’s purpose for being here on this earth. The earth is our school. We are constantly learning, taking in new scenery, people, and situations.

What we do with those new sceneries, people, and situations is completely up to us but, we receive what we deeply believe. This is why it is so important to get to know your subconscious mind. Your TRUE dreams and desires lie there. Yes, you can tackle your conscious mind by replacing or redirecting your conscious thoughts; but if you are not in-tune with your subconscious mind, the deeper parts of you – how do you suppose you will ever achieve what you think you believe to be right for you?

What you think may not resonate with what you truly believe. If you dare to look deeper, you will find that the very depths of your Soul scream out the answers sometimes. Other times, it is more of a quiet whisper. Think about the areas in life with which you have a hard time fighting off the “bad” thoughts and are constantly trying to reassure yourself of; maybe, just maybe you need to realize that what you want is not aligned with what you truly deserve. In a good way. You must know and believe you deserve that fulfilling career, that healthy relationship, and that checkmark of good health.

Believe it or not, I used to laugh at the thought of meditating, using the word, “Divine” the way I do now was never a part of my vocabulary, and I doubted myself in everything I ever did. I had to focus not only on my thoughts but my beliefs and how they aligned with those thoughts.

I can think of how much I want a million dollars, I am sure we all can agree on that one. But, until I literally can see the steps to take, feel how it feels to already have what I have thought, planned out, to be what it is I set out to be and actually take the action(s) required to get there – nothing will happen.

A shift in perspective. Align your thoughts, your beliefs from your conscious mind by discovering your subconscious mind. Your heart and your intent all support this notion. Movement can only be made from a still place. Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? Well, it is true. Once, you can see, feel, and touch your SELF (in a different way than most would think) – THEN you can take your next step.

Do not beat yourself up or dwell. Envision the life you do want and take the steps to get there. You know you are on the right path when you do not have to keep battling those thoughts of which do not serve you or benefit your life and the life of those around you. You will know because you will be in alignment with bringing those dreams, wishes, and desires to life.

Till next time, stay tuned!


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