Sir Einstein reminds us, “Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

We are but energy bodies currently cohabiting, if you will, with our physical “vessels” that compose our physical being. I love Albert Einstein more than words can say, and at this point – he has become a pivotal theme for my research, my drive, my discovery, and discoveries. We coexist with our own Selves and with one another in the form of which we recognize. May be difficult to understand for some, trust me, I know. Though, with time, effort, development, and more – clarity is actually pretty easy to acquire. We are so much more than our physical bodies.

Prana, or life-force energy is our very own selves; energetically we create that of which we desire. As a professional psychic medium, I have found it very important to be aware of that of which I was not aware of before. What do I mean by that? I mean the energy of which we emit, the energetic impressions we “put off,” and the acknowledgment of the fact that yes, we are indeed composed of energy. Is this to say I do not believe in God and creation? No, I have my own personal beliefs and Faith. God, the Universe, Source Energy, Love, the Angelic Realm, my Guides, Spirit = My personal “Spirit Team.” 

Before I get into the “are you a psychic medium” bit, I just want to take a second to remind everyone of the importance of the aforementioned team of Spirit we all have the ability to get “in touch” with. Our Guides are our map, our navigation system, so to speak. All you have to do is ask and you receive the guidance you are seeking. Without your Guide or Guides (many of us have more than one – especially when doing our heartfelt work, working with Spirit, and/or living out our life purpose) – you are “mapless.”

This is where the confusion comes in during Spiritual Awakenings, mediumship, and any other modality working towards your Spiritual goal or goals in life. If you want to heal others (whether through Reiki, Qi Gong/Chi, etc.) you might want to “reach out and touch Faith.” The Angelic Realm is there for a reason. Archangel Raphael is one of the best Archangels to call upon when working with energy, especially in a healing modality.

 Now, what about mediumship? Ever heard of Archangel Michael? The great protector, the courage embracer, armed with the sword of strength, he is (I sound like Yoda). As a medium, he is one of the most important, if not vital, Archangels to be called upon. Just ask, and he is there.


The same can be said about any and all in your Spirit Team. Think of a specific loved one, a memory that triggers a feeling, which then triggers recognition of their Soul, perhaps standing right next to you. You know when you release your ego and let go – this life is not the end all, be all you may have always believed it to be, now, is it?

 Without further ado, here are some significant signs that YOU, indeed may be a psychic medium:

  1. As a child you always had an “imaginary friend” or saw “things” that you either feared (due to conditioning) or, depending on how young you were – you were curious about and wanted to understand in great detail… This one is often times dismissed as we age, again, due to social conditioning (typically from our parents or parental figures) and not re-visited again…Until, perhaps, and often times, much later in life.

  2. You have always been “afraid of the dark.” And no, I am not talking about the books or the show Are you Afraid of the Dark? Have you ever ran and jumped into your bed for fear of “something” being under it? Yep, that is what I am speaking of when I say being afraid of the dark. Truthfully, it was because you could sense, quite easily, that you were not alone. Remember, as children, we are closer to Source, God, the Universe – we still remember who we are to an extent.

  3. Growing up, you were always interested in things that many consider to be “otherworldly.” For example, extraterrestrials, magic, Spirit, the meaning of life.

  4. You may have always been a “rebel” or considered the “black sheep” due to the fact that you always refused to follow the masses – you marched (and most likely still do) to the beat of your own drum. 

  5. You have gone through a Spiritual Awakening, no matter your age. Awakening occurs usually in times of loss, gain, or just at random. You KNOW when you are going through this. For example, someone very dear to you leaves their physical body (passes away) then all of a sudden your whole world changes. This, please take note, needs to be accessed AFTER the initial stages of grief – as those can and do change everyone’s’ views on life, the Afterlife, and perception on all that is. And, in the beginning, immediately following the death of a loved one – it is best to wait for grief to lessen to grasp whether or not you are truly going through an awakening or need to see a specialist. I do not say this to be mean or rude – I say this because we ALL experience a huge change when someone passes, most obviously. It is the changes that occur once you are level-headed and able that matter. Pay attention to those changes. That loved one is reaching out. Again, after the walls of grief are knocked down. *Please note, you will never forget or stop missing your loved one(s) in Spirit, that is not what I am saying at all. Rather, you will gain clarity in your communicating with them once you are ready.

  6. You hear voices. Yep, voices. Either you have your whole life or you started to as an adult, typically after the Spiritual Awakening I mentioned above. These “voices” can be either in your mind, thoughts, or literal, auditory voices. Of course, I must add that you do need to be sure to rule out any medical or psychological disturbances first and foremost; but, again, when you know, you know.

  7. You see “shadow people.” No, these are not scary, though they may feel that way. No, they are not here to “haunt” you. For Pete’s sake (I wonder who Pete even is), do you really believe your loved ones are just sitting there thinking up ways to scare you? They love you and want to help assist in making your life the best life it can be – the life that you have always deserved. Though, I do have to add, Spirit can have a funny way of expressing themselves. Does your left flip-flop keep going missing? Keep in mind the personality traits your loved one had – they still have them; though, they no longer have the ego to be mean about, well, anything. 

  8. You see Spirits. This one is a given. If you literally have seen a Spirit or a multitude of Spirits, Shadow people, even tree people (this one is actually new to me; as I have only captured the latter on camera) – you have the clairvoyance that would make you a PHENOMENAL psychic medium. *I would like to add, catching orbs on camera is astounding when you rule out the dust particles flying around. 

  9. You just know when things are going to happen. This is claircognizance. You have an inner-knowing and you question it at times; but, you shouldn’t. That inner-knowing is there for a reason, sweet cheeks! 

  10. You have premonitions…and they actually come true. Now, this one is fun and interesting. Some find it scary, as the premonitions are not always exciting; but, if ego-based (fear-based), they may not even be true premonitions. This is where you must set your intentions to that of love & light, for the highest good for yourself and all involved.

  11. Your dreams, aspirations, desires come to life…literally right before your eyes. This is called manifesting – which I have mentioned and will continue to mention throughout this blog. The manifesting I am speaking of now is the type when you do not even realize you are doing it. This synchronicity is occurring to help you become more aware of the beauty of alignment that is all around you, around all of us. 

  12. You have and most likely always have had insomnia or a general difficulty in sleeping patterns. You often times wake up around 3 am – 5 am. Contrary to popular belief, this does NOT mean you are being “haunted” because it is the “witching hour.” It means that Spirit is around and your SELF knows it. Spiritual activity/visitations happen at all times of the day, night, whatever; But, it is true that those hours are typically an easier time to connect. Why? Because it is quiet, peaceful, and you are too during those times.

  13. You have random bouts of anxiety with no known cause. The way to decipher between if this anxiety is a true, personal fear vs. Spirit coming into your auric field is to evaluate your thoughts and FEEL your way through your deciphering. Make sense? More often than not, when you feel anxiety you also feel a shift, a change in energy. Why is that? Grandpa might be saying a quick “hello!” 

  14. Though you may have felt “different” all your life, people have always “flocked” to you. You give good advice, people seek your advice – even strangers. This is because you radiate energy that others just cannot help but stay away from – this includes Spirit. Again – you, me, Spirit are what? Say it with me now: Energy!

  15. You pick up on others’ energy, feelings, and can determine, with ease, whether someone is having a good or bad day. This is typical for empaths, which most mediums, in my opinion, possess this quality – leading to the reason why it is so easy for you to “sense” Spirit.

  16. You have always been known to be an “old Soul.” Intelligent, witty, sometimes misunderstood – you are wise beyond your years and you know it too. So do others and so does Spirit. Just sayin’. 

  17. You have an uncanny ability to sense energy – of all types. This includes sound waves, the electricity in your home, etc. This may or may not be an overwhelming aspect for you; but, once you “master” it, per say, you are able to block out what you want to hear, feel, sense in all ways vs. what you do want to hear, feel, sense in all ways. 

  18. It is simply in your genes. Yep, this is genetic. Thank you, Aunt Linda! No, seriously, we are all capable of tapping into our own prana/life-force energy and others as well. Though, it does help to have the genetic disposition already within you. 

This is only a small list of some signs that you just may be a psychic medium. Also, to note, psychic and medium DO go together; but you can be psychic and not a medium. A medium is both. That is putting it very simply.

Modern medicine is getting closer and closer to understanding that not all who wish to seek and understand are “crazy.” In fact, doors are opening right now, as we speak, to the true possibility of psychic phenomenon being Truth.

Knowledge is power with all psychic gifts. If you feel you just may be a psychic medium, a healer, or simply a truth-seeker – then own it!  

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