Thursday, June 22, 2017

Being an Empath can be, and truly is, a gift. Typically, if you’re an Empath and have researched a bit; you know you are one. But, for the sake of knowledge and further growth; here are some “common signs” you are, indeed, an Empath:

1. You can walk into a room and sense an argument or any tension of any sort has occurred/is occurring. This can also have an effect on YOUR own energy; so try to avoid absorbing others’. Ask yourself: is this truly MY emotion?

2. You just KNOW when people are lying, are very good at reading people, and can sense bad or “off” motives from a mile away. You usually have a good idea of what people are thinking and feeling, and this can affect you because you care so much and just want to help. **This has been shown to be one of the reasons why Empaths can find themselves in co-dependent relationships with selfish people. Respect and honor YOU first.

3. You carry a lot of weight on your shoulders; and, half the time…it’s not even yours. This can affect you in a negative way, for obvious reasons. Make sure to not do things just to appease others. You HAVE to schedule in time for yourself!

 4. You have a hard time sticking up for yourself, say “sorry” a lot, and feel taken advantage of by …just about everyone. Don’t carry that burden; know you can’t save everyone and you can’t make everyone happy…not all at once, at least. 5. You somehow feel responsible for what happens in everyone else’s’ lives and find yourself “participating” in their sorrows. Leading to the aforementioned sign…feeling unappreciated, taken advantage of, and resentful. Avoid those feelings by reminding yourself that your problems are your own…therefore, the same applies to other people. THEIRS are THEIRS. YOURS are YOURS.

So, what makes being an Empath a gift? A few things:

1. You are better able to easily connect with your inner Guidance, Self, Spirit, God, etc. for help and support. You can FEEL your Angels and their love.

2. You are a “Master Manifestor.” Have you ever wished for something, sent it out to the Universe and called it a day…only to find that “wish,” that thought, that idea to “come to life” later that same day, week, month, year? Keep working on that. You can have ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want and need in this life.

 3. You have natural healing abilities. These only strengthen once you work on your skills, over time. Improve your healing powers by learning to let go and trust your energy flow, without fearing that you’ll be drained by others. With time and the help of your Spirit Team; you get to a point where you no longer feel drained or tired after being around draining people or situations. Now, that’s not to say it doesn’t still happen from time-to-time. It still affects you; though, again, when you heal others = you heal yourself.

 4. Once you learn how to manage your energy, your intuitive, psychic, healing, etc. abilities can, and do skyrocket…almost overnight. You are very clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant. Learn how to tap in and gain the wisdom, strength, guidance, and courage that belongs to you.

 You are a Divine Being. Remember that. Keeping shining your light so that others may as well. When the road gets tough when things get to be too much and you feel overwhelmed; just remember: YOU ARE A GIFT. And, though it may be hard to believe and you may want to throw your gifts “in the trash,” you can’t…for they are part of you. Again, it’s not just that you have gifts…you are a gift. You are the gift.


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