Three things we should be nourishing every single day: The Mind, the Body, and the Soul. We already know about the Mind and the body. But what about the Soul? Often times described as the Door to Self (eyes being the Windows); our Soul is our inner-most Being that no Religion or organization wants to touch. They refuse to “go there,” in a sense. When I say “refuse” what I mean is – even if addressed, one still chooses to only and strictly believe in their organized belief(s). I.e. Closed-minded. 

I have Faith in many things, but I have MY Faith. I also, most obviously, love Science, Psychology, and Physics. We are cohabiting with one another. What we feel, think, see, do; we have created within ourselves, together. If we all, for one day, believed life IS great, we are ALREADY HAPPY,  we can and we will – imagine what would happen. Do you let a bad experience drag you down to a point where you stay feeling stuck? Again, FEELING. Or, do you CHANGE your mindset, your perspective on your emotions with one of acceptance and even, curiosity?

You manifest your reality. YOUR personal reality can be and is manifested by your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. The thing is, we’re all so connected with one another; it’s almost insane. Almost every single species – animal, human, plant, and then some – share a common goal: Survival. Now, with this goal, we choose how to live out our lives. We ALL want to be happy; then why aren’t we? 

The Realm of our Thoughts – we think before we do things, even if only for a brief second. When one person gets an idea or a thought, it can grow and develop further. Think of thoughts collectively, as a whole. We may not be able to “see” our thoughts; but, using our own intuition, we are able to better connect the common dots in life and trust those dots.

Be good to yourself. Treat yourself without guilt. Think about what you really want. What exactly do you really want? What will “buy you” happiness? Write these things down and figure them out! Oh, and a quick reminder: 

This brings me to our emotions.

Emotions can completely override your thought processes. Emotions are wonderful, when under control. You know the day when it rains and pours and you need an umbrella? Even just a slight change in perspective can change you and the people around you. People interact with you in a way you can’t even begin to fathom. We are all connected. 

The FEELING of being vulnerable, unloved, rejected; the FEAR of even those feelings itself = feeding the negative emotions. We can heal ourselves. You can’t blame everything on anyone or anything else. If you love yourself, that love will show. If you stop letting outside circumstances control your life and your emotions, accept them as what they are; you can have, do, or be whatever it is that you want. Literally.

 Think about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water. To sum it up, basically: He demonstrates the effect of words, thoughts, music, and environment on the crystalline structure of water. He froze and took photographs of these effect(s) showing the remarkable results of positivity…If positive thoughts can do that to water; IMAGINE what changing your thoughts and perspective reality could do for you, your life, and the people around you.

Quick Sum Up of Dr. Emoto’s Experiments – this demonstrates just how strong the power of thought is!


You can’t simply learn something JUST by reading about the subject at hand; you must actually experience it for yourself. Learning how to logically apply your creative mind (left and right brain CAN work together!) By trying to see both angles unitedly; knowing that balance is of the utmost significance – you have just taken a huge step in your own personal development! 

Repeat after me: I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

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