If you are here, you are here for a reason, as I so imperatively mention in the title of this blog and all throughout my published content. Maybe you are wondering what gift or gifts you possess, are genuinely curious, are a skeptic and want to laugh at me, are looking for answers you may or may not be desperately seeking; you were led to my website, to my blog, and to this post for a reason.

Just the same, you have free-will as do I and everyone else. I am forewarning you that I may come off a bit demanding in this specific post because I want to share more knowledge on how the Law of Attraction has worked for me, my clients, and others working in similar fields.

As a psychic, medium, healer, intuitive, being a HUMAN BEING – you have an important life purpose. Not one Soul is here without a purpose. That life purpose most likely involves you helping others, no matter in what way, while being sure to nurture your service to your Self to maintain a healthy, happy life for the highest good concerning all involved. This is your birthright and one in which you should not just turn the other cheek! This is not to fix, this is to construct your life into one in which you actually love living. Be the Master Builder of your own life.

Design it with Ease

The main principle is, of course, that like attracts like. What occupies your mind, your thought space, and your heart center = that of which you will attract to you.

 This brings me to,

The Law of Attraction.

I have found people tend to have a love-hate relationship with this “law.” Understandably so though, I will admit. Why is that? We are all energy.  When we think, we emit energy. When we dream, we emit energy. This even extends to when we listen to music, we are putting off, giving off, using, sharing, and living out our energy. When we become aware of this, we can clearly see just how much the saying “thoughts are things!” rings true.

 A prime example and a typical one, at that:

You wake up realizing you missed your alarm, you have a meeting to attend to and are already running late; therefore, you are unable to get ready for your day. You feel set back, rushed, impatient and, quite frankly, a bit pissed off. You start obsessing over how you could have slept through your alarm, why did you have two glasses of wine last night, what could you have done differently? Then, your car refuses to start, you think “oh great…here we go again.” The day lingers on, per your view, and you manage to make it through a day of fake smiles, only to come home, throw yourself into your sheets and cry, scream, and just genuinely feel down on yourself. Where was your umbrella when you need it?!




That is exactly what creates the domino effect you are either knowingly or unknowingly seeking. Hence, my mentioning the importance of being aware of this effect, the energy emissions you are creating, and what you are sending out to the Universe to manifest into your reality. It goes both ways.

Now, let’s say you woke up late, realizing your alarm didn’t go off. The same situation I mentioned before is occurring again; only this time – something is different. You decide to own your day, if only just for that day. You spend no time thinking about what you DO NOT want; rather, you are focused on what you do what, even if you have to fantasize a little bit on your early-morning commute until your coffee kicks in. Taste the coffee, smell the fresh-cut grass, thank your alarm, for you never know – it may have saved your life. Maybe, had you left “on time” you would have been involved in a serious car accident. You are always, always right where you need to be…so long as you believe it to be so. As your day goes on, you smile easily, throw your arms up as if to say “so what?” You do not dwell; you spend time being thankful (gratitude is very high on the lifted frequency totem pole!) for what you already have and for what you know and trust is to come. You carried your umbrella that day.

This is where I have found many get confused; you must truly understand and trust that what you wish to receive – you will, indeed, receive it. You may not get the results you expect, but you do know you choose your response to said results. Perhaps, you got a bit caught up in overthinking about something you feel you are lacking, doubts about your life and the path that you are on, your relationship, what you did or did not do yesterday.




The universe does not necessarily take into account emotion. The universe aligns with that with which you perceive your life to be in any and all aspects. So, when you state “I have the worst luck *sigh*” you are actually “putting in your order.” Therefore, put very simply, shift your focus onto improving your thoughts. Take baby steps, if you must. This change does not always happen over night; and more often than not, it is a journey much the same as everything else that is, and one you have to always remain conscious of – a little at a time.

You want to know how I first started (note, I say started) incorporating this “Universal Law” into my life? And, I still do this when I have times where I catch myself having a less-than-positive thought. I, after saying anything remotely whiny, sad, experiencing a down-right fit of rage; I would express my feelings with the typical, “Screw this, I quit! Stupid and pointless, yada yada” (yes I cleaned up the language a bit, but you get the point) and turned it into a positive at the end.

Example? “That really sucked that my car was repossessed this morning, but thank God for my backup vehicle!” “At least the repo-man let me clean out all of my things!” I mean, is there EVER a good day to lose your keys, wake up late, have your dog get hit by a car, get a flat, etc? Not really. So see, in doing this (very simple to start incorporating into your life, STAT!); I chose to spend my day envisioning the vehicle I truly want, because FANTASIZING IS OKAY! , meditating, going for a walk and not letting it be the end f the world. Why? Because it wasn’t. And, with my attitude of gratitude, rather than one of “woe is me,” I was able to turn my day into one that I was happy with, umbrella or not. It has been, I believe, at least two years since then and I can proudly say that I am still getting from A-Z just fine. 😉

It positively helps and blows my mind, still to this day. The power of our thoughts on creating our own reality is something science and physics have studied for decades; and thankfully, more and more than ever before, we are all truly collectively, as a whole, waking up to our thoughts and just how much they affect our lives. When you make a wish, you send out a signal, desire to the Universe for the Universe to deliver to you – when the time is right. And, the time always is right; though not in a linear sense and has been found to be hard to grasp by some. You send out the frequency that of which you desire, feel what it feels like to already have that thing, let it go and let the Universe work for you; not against you. In essence, worrying about it manifests the worry that you are concerning yourself with, in of itself. You want your signal to be sent out to attract, with clear intentions what you want (this is very important!) to bring to you…well, what you want.

Awareness comes from being aware. I say this all the time; because I live it every single day. Not every day is ice cream, polka dots, unicorns, puppies, and race cars…but, I know that it is possible for it to be (maybe not the unicorns; and I could go without the polka dots, but eh! I digress, that’s neither here nor there.) So, when you find yourself questioning or doubting your capability in any aspect of life, remind yourself of a memory that triggers the emotional response that creates the belief to cease your doubt – no matter in what subject area. Would you rather manifest your worries or would you rather manifest your desires?


Energy flows where attention goes. Where we put ourselves, there we will be, as per the simple acknowledgment that we are composed of physical bodies that are only a vessel, a shell we occupy as our light bodies are shifting into higher dimensions of reality. Before going to bed every night, think about the parts of your day that you are thankful for – even if there were unexpected “glitches,” be thankful for how much power you hold within yourself and the strength you show. As before bed, so after bed (thought I would change up that quote a bit) when you wake up in the morning, be thankful you woke up, recall any dreams you may have had (write them down too!) and start your day knowing it is going to be a good one.

 You need to first and foremost, be secure in yourself, in your life in order to appropriately be of service to others. Your energy is most available to others when you extend it in a way that is for the highest good of all involved, collectively.  Full nourishment of your mind, body, and soul prepare you for living the life you love and knowing that you are already living it. Believe that, and it will be. ‘Tis truly that simple. Incorporate more love, light, joy, freedom, positive affirmations, and a genuine connection with all that is so that you can focus on your true purpose in helping others, animals, or even just for yourself. Being selfish is not always selfish, when done selflessly!

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