Optimize your own mind by installing the correct downloads. If you attempt to do so before clearing the cache from your pre-frontal cortex (the part of your brain that governs how you automatically respond to stimuli) – you will send your system into overdrive. 

In other words, in order to make room for the new and better things you want and deserve in life, you must do just that – make the necessary room. Now, this may require some changes.

Read my post on defragmenting your mind here.

These changes are not something to be feared; rather, to be embraced. There is a reason for the downloads you currently have stored in your hard-drive, every single one. Some you installed years ago on your search for self-exploration and self-optimization, only to find the file was slightly “broken.” Not you, yourself or the self-exploration you had been doing, but just one of the files stored in the enormous database that makes up your entire mind. This, going beyond just our pre-frontal cortex is yet another reminder of why being aware of ALL aspects of the Self is important.


You can know something is wrong for you, but how? The reason you know is because that “knowing” is already pre-installed. You need to locate the link that is currently sending a “404 – page cannot be found” to the one connecting you to the “landing page” you already knew was there but chose to ignore. Yes, chose. This applies to when you know something is right for you as well. Your link is set up properly, your database appears up-to-date, memory = sharp, but you are still not “finding the results” you had hoped you would find. But why?!

It is simple: how are you implementing the downloads you are installing yourself AND receiving from outside sources or “hidden files?” Those invisible background, mind “apps” are still running. Guess what though? Once they are made visible, you CAN “refresh” them.

Again, this ties into my previous post on defragmenting your mind. If you set off with a goal, an objective without being aware of all the little-misplaced links – you end up getting nowhere. The journey to reaching your goal is far more important to note and the experiences you deem to be “good,” “bad,” or somewhere in the middle are all constantly being installed and stored in your subconscious.

How you choose to view your “problems” is your choice. They truly are not problems at all; more-so, hurdles or opportunities to create a new strategy. “Do I continue downloading this file or should I integrate a new means of installation?” The latter sometimes appears to be and can be significantly more difficult (depending on your current level of awareness), but integrating new installations, new habits, new downloads helps make any necessary “edits” to the links you set out with to successfully become the ones you “land” on. And, with great ease, at that!

If you find yourself feeling like a failure because certain old ways are no longer working out, find ways to work with them, by flowing with, rather than against them. Maybe only a certain code you have picked up along the way needs some slight reprogramming; that does not mean you need to rewrite the whole script. Oh, and there is NO such thing as failure; rather, there is the fleeting emotion of feeling you may you have failed.

Never try to completely erase yourself of your past mistakes. Without those obstacles, you would not be the amazing you that you are today! Just clear things up a bit, make room for the better, no, the BEST. Unpack your baggage and allow yourself to accept who you are without fear, illegal downloads and all. 😉



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