We all have our usual routine: wake up, use the bathroom, brush teeth, shower, get ready – you know the drill. Of course, this pretty basic routine is slightly different for some but for all intents and purposes, let’s assume everyone contributes to the necessities of basic living.

Now, let me describe what I feel to be basic living:

Going through the motions (wake up, brush teeth, carry on).

Wanting to do more, but have a million reasons (some valid) as to why you cannot do so.

Having a lack of the desire to improve one’s overall health – physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. Yes! Spiritual health is a thing and just as important and physical, mental, and the like. Different modalities of health, is all. 

Feeling, genuinely “stuck” in life and with no general direction?

The good news is:

You CAN change this!! By removing your sense of uncertainty of the Self – you are taking the first steps to EMPOWERING YOUR LIFE!

If you are still with me, I take it you are wondering how to change that basic, mundane, excuse-filled lifestyle into one that reflects your Soul’s divine purpose. Each and every single one of us is here for a reason, and the reason is typically much more impactful than one could even begin to perceive. The human mind is a very amazing and complex entity – it controls everything about us; but, do we have control over IT? Doing so allows you to tap into your deepest Self in order to discover the true power of our thoughts. See my post here to learn more about just how much our thoughts alter, whether “good” or “bad,” our reality.

Going forward, how does one live a life in which they change their basic life into one that includes a daily spiritual practice? 

I want to start by reminding everyone of a few things before moving forward: 

It is OKAY to get frustrated at times. It is completely NORMAL to feel guilty or disheartened because “things” are not moving along as fast as you had hoped. 

Even when you decide to skip yoga class for the 8th time this month; it is okay! So long as you incorporate in a daily spiritual practice and maybe try to actually attend every now and then! 🙂

You make the choice whether or not to make a daily spiritual practice part of your story in the book of your life. To say it is a massive chance to appreciate that you are, yes you truly are, more than just a body – would be putting it lightly. You are so much more than that. You are love, you are light, you are the future of collective expansion. Yes, you! 

So, again, it is up to you whether you want to have a daily spiritual practice in place. This is not something you just do once a day, though, it is okay to start out that way. Truthfully, it is more the intention that you set for your entire day; inviting yourself to recognize that intention in random intervals throughout the day. Again, this is LIVING a daily spiritual practice. I say this because, after embarking on your spiritual and personal growth – the “basic life” no longer applies or holds relevancy in your life. You will notice that this gets easier as you start to begin each day with positive intentions and goals. This brings me to…

What happens when challenges or setbacks cause you to forget those aforementioned intentions and goals? You remember them again and are able to reaffirm. Contradicting and true. How? You may be pondering. It is simple – with daily and consistent practice, your subconscious kicks back into gear and everytime you invite those intentions back, you invite them to help you grow.

So, to keep it real and to the point – because, why complicate things? A daily spiritual practice is setting the positive intentions in your psyche’, in your mind – to come back to said intentions, to that positive place of love and peace to remind yourself of them while receiving any and all guidance you receive. Whether it be from your SELF, or Source energy, love, God, Angels, Spirit = through upholding a daily spiritual practice, you will be able to watch your vibrations soar, allowing you to emit the energy of which attracts the love, peace, and happiness you deserve. You always have deserved all of the above! Sometimes it just takes us some time to discover it for ourselves. Not only will you live the life you deserve, you will also FEEL worthy of it! Enjoy the journey!

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