Every impossible task, invention was considered just that…impossible, until someone stood up and actually did it.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn. The people around you do matter, your environment does matter, and what you do, how you react certainly matters as well. Have you ever had a passion, a hobby, a dream? If you are like most people, you have. Have you doubted yourself, dealt with adversity, even gave up?

Same here.

The beauty behind this is the choice we make next. Hmm…”Do I stand back up and try again, even after all the scrutiny directed at me last time I tried?” or, “Do I give up, stick with what I know, and refuse to step outside of my comfort zone.”

NO ONE can make your decisions FOR you! Only you can, and this comes down to even your reactions. Yes, it is true that you can not always control the “weather,” but you CAN certainly demonstrate self-control in the way you handle the circumstances.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you, support you, cheer you on. If you are having trouble pin-pointing your desires, motivations, goals – you should ask yourself this:

What is it that you want?

Break it down into the different fields in your life such as: Family, career, romantic relationships, friendships, development, etc.

Then, ask yourself this:

What is it that you can do to inspire yourself in a way that helps to return the inspiration to the World?

The pressure to succeed starts at a very young age. Look, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with success; that is not what I’m saying. However, it is the way we look at our self-perceived failures that determine our level of success. By “level” I actually mean frequency, what we attract to us in the intents we set for our lives. If you see your downfalls, mistakes, or otherwise flaws in yourself and ONLY see those attributes, what do you have left?

 Passion is not a job, hobby, sport – it is often times RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! If you get so fixated on having everything perfected, you’ll never get there. The importance is having goals that are accessible. Passion will always be there but actually, put that passion into work. THAT is where passion truly is, in helping other people and living a life full of value, integrity, and meaning – you don’t just follow your passion; rather, your passion follows you!

Would you rather spend your time, energy, and money on doing what you love and on what inspires you while helping you inspire others? Or, would you rather spend your time, your energy, and your money pretending or forcing yourself to do the opposite? I say “forcing yourself” because that’s just what it is – forcing yourself. When you go against what your Soul work is, what you TRULY desire – you go against yourself.

That is where the true conflict comes in.

 It is OKAY to say “no,” to any and everything; whether it be people, tasks, even hobbies and guess what? It is OKAY to not be, say, or feel sorry for it. In fact, it is HIGHLY recommended that you don’t apologize for attending your cousin’s third wedding.

If you’re having a hard time deciding whether you want to attend an event, more than likely, you feel obligated to do so and because of guilt (fear/ego-based!), you already have your answer. Meaning, put simply:

If you can’t decide whether or not you want to spend your time, energy, and money on certain people, situations, jobs, whatever – you truly don’t want to attend whatever it is.

Set boundaries and know when to say “no.” Of course, you have your daily routine(s) to attend to, family matters, relationships, careers, etc. But, there’s a quiet, comforting peace in the freedom of being allowed to choose, as we ALL are:


The World isn’t going to come to an end if you decide to stay home and watch TV, read a book, attend an online seminar because you don’t feel like going out on that particular day. Nobody is going to “hate” you if you choose to do what YOU want. And, the best part? You will notice that over time that feeling, those feelings of guilt will slowly start to drift away into that peace I mentioned earlier. When you honor yourself and what you truly love to say, be, do = you naturally project that onto others.

Relate to others, build that empathy with them that helps you uplift both yourself AND them. What better way to live life than to help yourself in a way that allows you to help others just the same? Everyone has a purpose and they all differ (though some, of course, relate). The fact of the matter is, once you find yours:

Never let it go. No matter what “they” say.

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