I’m sure most of you have heard the terms, “Spirit animal” and “Totem animal;” but, do you know the difference? I will write down information I’ve gathered over time and also post a link or two for further reference if needed.

For starters, a Spirit animal is not one you choose; rather, IT chooses you. Typically, this or these animal(s) come into our lives to teach us important lessons; especially those in regards to your life purpose. Each Spirit animal has certain powers, skills, and knowledge to share; for, each, individual one has unique attributes to add to your life and Spiritual development.

Pay attention to the repeated appearance(s), patterns, or themes of the animals around you. Which one do you keep noticing, and ESPECIALLY when you NEED to notice them the most? Eventually, you’ll KNOW when you resonate with a specific one.

Note: You don’t usually have just one, and sometimes things change as your life progresses.

A Totem animal is an animal Spirit one would call upon in times of specific need. When you think of a Totem animal, think ancestry. Native American tribes, are often comprised of separate, smaller groups known as “clans.” Whether united by actual or perceived descent, these clans are formed around a founding member or “ancestor.” Makes me think of our “Soul Tribes.” That’s a discussion for another day.

Moving on, these Totem animals typically have a specific, unique link to their tribe and heritage. Various Totems offer special powers to help each clan carry out their responsibility within the tribe. Example of this would be: The “Turtle Clan.” They’re known as the “Keepers of Wisdom.” They are the Guardians of any legends or mysterious kept concealed within the tribe.

So, if you are noticing a certain animal time and time again, it might be time to do some research and delve within to figure out this animal’s purpose for entering your life. If this is an animal that has always somehow been “present,” then you’re most likely always connected to said animal (more of a Totem animal vs. Spirit animal). Wolves are one of mine.

*It also helps to know about possible past lives. More on that later!

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