I’m learning, the more and more we tap into our creative (right side) of our brains, the more we truly create our lives. The more we, also, tap into our heart space, chakra, inner-self, the more we are in-tune with our lives and the lives of those around us.

To be inspired and to inspire, for me – is to be free.

Free of society’s shackles of “normalcy”, which are false, by the way. Require more looking into, wouldn’t you say?

I know and understand the realistic nature of the need for material wealth. Though, there is a difference between one who is wealthy vs. one who is abundant. Abundance is the true nature of that which we all have access to. To be abundant is to be free to live the life for which you deserve, were destined for, to serve your purpose, and to love doing so without shame, guilt, or fear.

Of course, as with most Spiritual or “out-there” subjects, this is always easier said than done…at first.


I have found that learning has, often times, been the overruling drive for me. Almost as if to say, it has been my auto-drive to learn, find out new knowledge, discover MORE about any and everything. When I feel like I’m in a “slump” or like something is simply off; I find new changes to make, ways to make said changes, and discoveries to explore. I push myself to continue learning so I can experience then share said experience with all of you.

There is SO MUCH information out there!

I have more time to read, to write, to expand my mind in ways I never knew possible. I’d say that’s worth further exploration. Being your own boss takes both passion and a STRONG desire to make said passion truly come to life.

If it is truly right for you, you’ll know it. Trust that.


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