If you don’t try; you’ll never know.

More than half the time, the reason we don’t completely pursue our dreams is the fear of disappointment.

We’re involved, have a strong desire, but are not “attached” to the dream = we haven’t fully committed to it.

Trust your uncertainty!!

Know that the more you are in the flow of where you are, the more you are truly on the right path, even if it doesn’t feel that way. When you attempt to “force” yourself against your own inner-awareness via control, longing for certainty, etc. = the more you’re trying to dictate the action of pursuing your goal(s) riddled with expectations that are the fungal rot to your dreams, looping you back around and around until you either stay on repeat or switch to a new record.

Change always seems scary at first. I’ve never met a single person who is completely, 100% comfortable with change. Stepping outside of your comfort zone, while doing so in a way that honors what you truly want out of life, you’re going to find yourself finding more and more directions on your current path that tie in with what you truly desire. Connect the dots, follow the yellow-brick-road (whatever color), and put the pieces together. Create your life in a way that is accessible and possible while still dreaming big enough to know just how capable you are.

Ask yourself, “How can I get closer to my big goal of helping to make an impact in x, y, or z?” Then put together “action plans/or steps” (again, it doesn’t matter how big or small…baby steps are acceptable if all that’s accessible at the time) to get there. Actually visualize it, see it. Feel yourself having what you want; how would you feel? What would you hear around you? Go deeper into the scenery and make it more realistic to YOU. Doing this, feeling connected in this way if only for 15 minutes a day helps TREMENDOUSLY in finding the inspiration you need for YOU.

What is most important to take from this is to think in the form of FEELING, rather than just focusing ONLY on the outcome, itself. Focus on how the outcome feels to you, for you, and manifest your beliefs, thoughts, reality into alignment.

And, this is only one tool. As I said, even 15 minutes a day, 5 minutes, an hour, whatever you can do – helps! Seeking a clearer vision on your next step(s)? Check out the services I offer here and let me know if I can help you. Also, feel free to subscribe to my mailing list for new updates, advice, blog posts sent straight to your email!


Never give up on your dreams. ALLOW YOURSELF TO FULLY GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!!!!


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