It is actually necessary to experience “negative,” less-than-positive emotions in order to grow and expand in your personal and/or Spiritual development. How can we know happiness without experiencing unhappiness? How can we truly know harmony without experiencing disharmony? Negative emotions are simply a contrast – they help us notice the difference between negative and positive. Also, when seen in such a way, they help us to better deal with any negativity that pops up and to do so in a way that is both healthy and helpful.

You can’t constantly push away or deny negative emotion(s). It takes risks to open us up to the life we want to live, and also it takes some pain to experience and KNOW the depths of our pleasure and what life can do FOR us. Remember, life is both for AND against us, in a sense. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t expect to be happy, perfect, or epic ALL the time. When you pretend a “bad” feeling isn’t there by pushing it away or avoiding it – you create an unhealthy state of denial.

Next time you experience an emotion that feels bad to you, take heart in knowing that you’re human. Embrace said emotion for ALL that it is, address it FULLY and allow yourself to feel it.

It is OKAY to not ALWAYS be happy!

When you allow in your times of dis-ease (lack of EASE), pain, doubt, fear, etc. you are demonstrating your lack of resistance in accepting the fact that running away from ourselves keeps us from experiencing life to it’s fullest, experiencing ourselves, KNOWING ourselves, what-have-you.

Connect with YOU by demonstrating your acceptance of both the positive and not so positive emotion(s). Choose love, even if that love is looking at your fear and smiling, knowing you’ve accepted (not dwelled) but accepted yourself for ALL you are – no matter what!

Don’t escape yourself when you feel down and out – challenge yourself to actually FEEL.

Acknowledging your fear with eyes of love, with an allowance of full acceptance – you will actually learn the skill of how to feel a negative emotion AND a positive emotion. You literally learn how to feel when you feel yourself wanting to escape what you’re feeling but instead, you allow.

Again, without the negative, how can you feel, TRULY FEEL the positive? It’s okay to not be in tippity-top shape ALL the time. In fact, it would be unhealthy, not constructive, and even self-sabotaging to expect that.

Embrace it all, for it’s yours to learn from. Weather the storm to see that rainbow!

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