Much like ramming into the depths of your pain – when one runs into a tree (metaphorically or literally); it pretty much slaps you in the face. Whether “slapped” with misunderstanding(s),  anger, regret, sorrow, all the things that can hit you hard – you learn and sometimes in such a way that it hurts. Both mentally and physically (at times) it causes you to feel a new sense of regret – one that reminds you it’s time to look deeper inward. By “you,” I mean me, I mean we, all of us.

We all, ALL make mistakes but it’s in those moments when we decide to lift ourselves back up or stay stuck in a “tree.” The challenges we face sometimes hit us in a way that reminds us that we, taking accountability for our own actions, are NOT perfect, in any sense of the word. Also, where we go from here and how we react to our imperfections, to our mistakes, to our wrongdoings – matters. 

So, next time you find yourself “stuck in a tree” remember this: Look inward, take responsibility, and free yourself from your own regret(s). Every single thing happens for a reason, though many would beg to differ – I have found this to truly be the case.

Have a Little Faith.

Tree Symbolism, via Google.com

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 9.30.55 AM.png

We’ve got this!

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