The year is coming to a close and honestly? I couldn’t be happier. Though, there isn’t a thing I regret in my long stint of self-exploration and discovering who I truly am as a person. This, of course, came with a lot of adversity, judgment, and the like.

See, the thing to remember when facing adversity: People who don’t believe in you or what you do, with judgment, are only unhappy with their own lives. Remember to be bold, remember why you have been BOLD for all this time, and move forward while continuing to follow your heartfelt work.

*If support/help is offered AND needed, please do take it! I’m not saying “no” to receiving help if needed. No harm asking and receiving help! 🙂 

The funniest part of my year was realizing (for the 100th time) that what I am doing, helping others’ AND myself = IS, indeed my purpose. 

No matter what anyone else says, thinks or does about my life, your life, ANYONE’s life – it only matters what YOU feel about whatever it is. I understand the vagueness in this post, but for those who have been through people telling you what to “do or be” will understand this completely.

You, me, all of us…we weren’t put here to always make the right choices, the right decisions; but, we damn sure weren’t here to give up and give in to adversity.

If you are doing what you love (even if you’re just CONSIDERING doing what you love) then you know what? Good for you! Keep going!

I’m gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back right now for all the hard work that I’ve done in this past year and I hope you’ll be doing the same thing! Take pride in what you do (humbly)! If other people don’t like it? What is it to them?



May 2018 be the year we no longer along self-sabotage or other’s adversity throw us off track and we continue to rise! Life is a lot easier not needing or FEELING you need to prove yourself to others when, in reality, they aren’t living your life and are (as is typically the case) just sad and/or disappointed with where their life is heading. That’s not to say I haven’t hit my fair share of bumps, stop signs, trees *cough*; however, I needed all the downs to better understand the ups and better relate to the wonderful, amazing people I get to work with every day.


And honestly? I almost gave up…a few times. Then I remembered why I’ve been actually taking active steps in living AND loving my life purpose!

Keep living and loving you, yourself, and your purpose!

2018 = Let’s ROCK THIS!!!


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