They say “curiosity killed the cat,” but they didn’t say anything about it killing the human being.

I like the above quote found in this photo via = “without curiosity, the cat never really lived.” I like it because it is a reminder of the importance of not only living/being in the moment, but also feeling and being curious about the moment, your feelings, your life as a whole, your SELF as a whole.

Being curious leads to learning new ways to navigate your life. You find out new ways in which your brain actually works for and not against you. When you discover who you truly are, how your brain operates, and just how much power that gives you in dictating your own life and the direction you are going, you become aware of that awareness you’ve been searching for all along. 

Stay aware, stay here, and stay curious. Curiosity may kill the cat, but they DO have 9 lives, right? 😉

‘Til next time,




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