Never stop searching,  for what you seek is always seeking you. “Ask and ye shall receive” applies to any and every one, no matter religious or other belief(s). Why is this so? It’s simple: when looking for what you seek, you can, and often times do, find it and usually in ways that will astonish and amaze you – shaking you to your very core, whatever it is. 

Therefore, what you think about what you seek and your capability to achieve and/or find it – you then feel what it’s like to already have it (as you’re in the moment). Once you can feel, you believe. 

Thoughts + emotions + beliefs = what is brought to you. 

Seeing (whether through your mind’s eye or the naked eye) is believing. If you can find those thoughts that hinder you,  you can, in turn,  change them to thoughts that enable you. How? Through using your emotions in a way that either detaches you or attaches you from a certain belief you either want to keep or change. 

It truly is all up to you. Create the life you truly desire AND deserve by removing negative self-talk and replacing it with positive affirmations.

Even in the midst of “hitting rock bottom,” what good can you take out of it? What lessons have you learned and how do you view these “lessons?” As a test? As punishment? Or,  do you view events and circumstances as ways in which to grow?

Know that with every time you fall, you have the choice to stand back up. 

Keep growing and keep going! 
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