The only people who have the “power” to tear you down, are the ones YOU allow to do so. Don’t let others write your story for you. Grab the pen and write it yourself! 

There are an infinite amount of possibilities to be explored, understood, and acted upon without the unnecessary allowance of others’ viewpoints standing in your way. 

With that said,  you can literally start to shift and shape your reality once you let go of the way other people perceive it. 

Remember: every one is living out their own, personal reality and when THEIR personal reality is different than yours they either care to understand or don’t. 

Don’t fall prey to the doubts of others and their expectations for how you should live your own life and go out and live it! Also,  love it right here, right now and always. For, you are exactly where you need and were meant to be, always. 

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