So, this post has nothing to with Rome, nor the fact that it wasn’t built in a day. Of course, I support this notion of, “nothing happens overnight;” though, this post isn’t about that method of design either. What this truly has to do with is simple:

Knowing the difference between your Higher Self/Intuition/Source, God, the Universe/Spirit (whatever YOU believe); vs. if you’re creating it or “making it up” in your head. 

How can you tell the difference?

You know when you “zone out,” daydream, where you’re in that meditative state of simply being and you suddenly have the thought “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” and simultaneously have a vision flash through your mind of your mother’s blue scarf, the very same one she gave you the day before she left her physical body? Maybe the thought of “Rome wasn’t built in a day” came to remind you that your progressing in your journey and your mother is truly there supporting you the whole way through. When it’s sudden or when you’re just simply “pondering,” allow yourself to do so. Let the love flow through.

On the contrasting side, you may be only “creating” or “making up stories” in your head if you are doing just that – creating using conscious thought. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, as creating our own Truth is what we’re destined to do, destined to find. It’s being able to decipher between what you are actually experiencing vs. what you feel you are “making up” in your mind.

After having your “ah-ha” moment, how do you determine if it was a true intuitive nudge or your own “imagination?”

The way to get over this doubt is by taking breaks in-between information you receive by becoming more aware of your surroundings through grounding yourself. Then, close your eyes/enter your dreamlike state again. Allow beingness by simply becoming lost in the clouds (literally look up at the sky, at the clouds – this will help you “lose” your thoughts) and if you’ve been looking for your lost wedding ring everywhere and suddenly see, hear, think, feel where it’s at…and when you check? It is actually there.


That, my friends, is intuition, God (Universe, Source, what-have-you), your higher true Self-answering you.

Shh….if you listen just a bit harder, you might be able to “hear” your own calling, your own Self, your own loved ones. And, who wouldn’t want that? Deep down, who wouldn’t want to feel alive in the love of Truth?


Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Sending love to everyone today! ♥


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