In this current moment, are you breathing? Do you have access to food, shelter, and warmth? More than likely, you can answer “yes” to those questions. You have everything you need, which should bring you some great gratitude in knowing that fact, alone.

Nothing external can ever truly affect you internally if you don’t allow it. Or, if you do. It’s up to, and always has and will be – you. External wants such as material needs, money, social status can be acquired a lot easier by understanding this core Truth: we often want more than we need, often times not realizing we don’t need it.

To help you better appreciate this notion, remember: When you have everything you could ever need, as you always do, you can tap into finding out exactly what you want…and I mean truly want.

Look around today and notice just how much of what you think you don’t have, you actually already do. The million dollars, that boat, huge house, fame, etc. are great, but one should first notice that even without those things – we can choose to appreciate the fact that we always have everything we need. What we want comes with time, maturity, understanding, and a whole myriad of traits that we actually already have access to. Every moment of every day by first appreciating that which we already have.




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