So I know I speak about the high importance of positive thinking to help better your life and the way you live it; but, do you find yourself sometimes struggling with this? Or finding that you simply “worry just too much” to even begin to grab a hold of your thoughts, to begin with? If any of these are true – you are not alone. Also, I can relate!

Worrying, in of itself, is utterly pointless. Though, this is taking the term, “worry” and placing it in a very vague position. “Worry,” the kind we speak about, think about, KNOW about is when we find ourselves overthinking about our next minutes, hours, days, steps, etc. in a less-than-positive (-) light. This, being the pointless version of worry, you are most likely trying to avoid.

But how can you completely stop worrying? Truth is, as a human being you can’t, nor should you. Sound contradicting? Let me explain…

What you SHOULD do is, instead of worrying about all the ways in which something could go wrong, won’t work out, will fail, etc. turn it into all the ways that very same thing can go right, will work out, won’t fail/will succeed, etc.

Example: Let’s say you have an important presentation coming up next week and are worried you’re going to bomb it, lose your job, etc. etc. Take that same worry and instead, think more along the lines of how you’re going to rock it, get a promotion, etc. etc.

This simple act of taking your worry and turning it into “positive worry” not only shifts your perspective in that moment of anxiousness – it actually does so permanently. Over time, with practice and effort, you truly will see a HUGE improvement in your thinking, how you feel about your thoughts, and how your feelings play a role in your behaviors/actions.

I challenge you to take the next week to really take notice, take hold of any worry you have and flip it to positive worry. Let yourself worry, just do so positively. 🙂


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