We all carry beliefs with us throughout our lives. From the very beginning when we first open our newborn eyes to the day of our last breath – we are always learning, picking up/creating new patterns, and forming beliefs about ourselves, the World, and the people around us. Many times through conditioning, being rejected in some way as children and even into our current state – we may find ourselves feeling “stuck” with a feeling we no longer wish to feel.

What do we do about that?

I’m sure you can relate to this example or something along the same lines:

You’re in class waiting to be called on by the teacher to read something aloud and you feel extremely nervous/anxious. Let’s just say you’ve always had a lisp and immediately start to recall other times you read aloud in front of the class and were picked on in the past. This throws your nervous system back into that feeling from before. Make sense?

Taking this even further back and connecting the same dots, you then also recall the time you asked your dad to let you ride your bike and he says “no,” for whatever reason that day. Then also goes on to say, “I’m too busy at the moment to watch you.” This, being a different situation than the aforementioned one, still leads you to that very same feeling of rejection, or even defeat, which then “trains” your mind that something is wrong with you.

The truth is, nothing is wrong with you. As a person, you are beautifully flawed – we all are! If you can take those moments of temporary feelings of hurt and rejection and, instead, view them as opportunities to enhance, grow, change your life and the way you feel about those past events – you’ll better realize just how easily you can edit/change them. It’s all about the meaning or meanings you assign to the events that happen in your life.

Once you can find out just what those meanings are – you can choose the emotional state you want to use in regards to your current, present moment. Anchor yourself in the “good” feelings by editing who you may have once believed yourself to be.



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