It is often said that those that overcome and have suffered the most, have the biggest life purpose or purposes. You aren’t here for just any reason or for no reason – you came here with a purpose and it’s up to you whether or not you choose to live that out. People crave/long for peace…Peace comes from doing what you were meant to do or already set out to do.

What is your passion or passions? What sets your Soul on fire? You don’t have to keep it narrowed down to only one thing – you can have (and probably do have!) many passions.

Example: Me, personally, I love music. I also love coaching, helping others connect with their loved ones, NLP, Quantum Physics – to name a few! What’s beautiful about that, is I’ve been able to combine ALL of those passions, those loves of mine and now know I have a combination of purposes.

Now, while it’s likely and great to have more than one passion – don’t overdo it at first! Focus in on one, specific hobby, desire, career opportunity you have currently and then go from there. Don’t get stuck in a loop! One step at a time.

Remember this: When you feel anxiety or frustration with your current path, that’s your Soul’s way of saying there is something else you should be doing.

For example: You used to love watching TV, but now can barely sit through it. It doesn’t interest you anymore, as you’ve been pulled to read books about metaphysics, elephant training, WHATEVER you’re into! Do what feels right for you. You’re being pulled that way for a reason! Don’t settle for less than your true heart’s desire and passion, zest for life. Everything comes to surface in time and with some effort on your part.

Your Soul’s calling is out there just waiting for you to answer it!

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