My whole life I’ve been a “pacer” and, no, I don’t mean that I’ve always “paced” myself. What I mean is I literally pace. I used to pace so much that my stepmother (she passed fourteen-years-ago) used to get aggravated with me. I honestly miss that. Sometimes I can still feel her “giving me that look” while I’m pacing around the house, doing my thinking.

The thing is, over time I’ve learned that pacing isn’t a bad thing and, at times, connects us to our inner-selves, puts us in a certain state of trance, connects us, etc. Though, at times, it can also be a sign of overwhelm or stress.

There are days where you’re going to both pace and pace yourself. Allow yourself time to slow down in your busy day, especially if you start showing signs of taking on too much. It is okay to genuinely take a break, kick your feet back, and breathe. Your “demands” will get done – what you need to do will be completed.

The only way to learn to slow down is to simply try it. Kick your feet up for a few moments today and allow yourself to become grounded and centered in the stillness that your body and mind just may be craving. You’ll thank yourself for it later!


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