You can’t feel anxiety when you’re expressing gratitude. You can’t feel sad, angry, hopeless, less-than, not good enough, etc. when you’re filled with thankful thoughts for what you already, currently have!

Take a second to look around yourself and at your environment. What do you see? Are there clothes you still need to fold? Are there dishes in the sink? Do you feel like your life is a complete mess? Does this make you feel good about yourself? My guess is – probably not. Will you absolutely die if you don’t tend to the external “disaster” around you RIGHT THIS SECOND?! My second guess is – no, you won’t.

What you CAN do is take a moment to look at your environment again. Be thankful you have clothes to fold, dishes to eat off of, and the gift of living another day!

When you find yourself pulled back into thoughts of self-doubt, rush (the stressful kind), etc. – tune back into that place of gratitude.

Take a few deep breaths and be grateful for the air in your lungs. Be grateful for another day. When you replace anxiety/fear with gratitude – you shift your perspective in such a way that gives you astounding peace, as if by magic.

Give it a try! Thank you!! 🙂



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