You make you happy. It’s not your conditions or the people around you that make you happy — it is YOU! Believing that it’s up to externals such as money, relationships, etc. to make you happy only disempowers you. When you realize that it’s you who makes you happy, you automatically put yourself in a happier state. With this, notice how much more in control of your life you become.

When you start to let go of the need to always please others or to sustain some sort of facade to the world and find joy in simply being you, you find yourself telling better stories to yourself and others. Ones that are more in alignment with your true nature. You feel good, which inspires you to take action(s) that feel good. It’s a domino effect. Think good, feel good, believe good = you are good!

If you feel you need something outside of you in order to be happy, you’ll always feel like you’re searching, trying to control, waiting, missing out, etc. You don’t need to control everything, especially those externals not even within your control, to feel better. You make you happy! You allow yourself to feel awesome and then allow the people and external circumstances to occur with acceptance. Then, you choose whether or not to hold onto or let go of them. If you feel amazing, by natural order, you attract amazing things.

Be willing to let the natural order of everything flow. Set your intention to feel really good, really happy, and trust and believe that’s what’s really happening — and it will be so. People, things, and circumstances may shift once you do. Change does occur. Don’t view it as a “bad” thing. Rather, know that the right people and circumstances will follow once you shift your perspective. You align with what you trust and believe. Let go of your need to control and trust.

Anything you give attention to becomes a part of your experience. You can always choose how you react to a situation. When you choose positive reactions, you will feel much better. Deliberately choose your mood. Choose what your focal point is on. What you focus on, you naturally attract to you. Energy doesn’t lie.

Allow yourself to relax more and breathe easier. Trust yourself more. Trust that God, Higher Power, what-have-you has your best interests at heart. Get out of your own head. Let go of thinking about or doing the things that hold you down. Instead, reach for better thoughts or even a distraction, if necessary, to keep you in your natural, happy state.

Happiness is not some alien thing you need to search high and low for — it is already within you! Just grab it. 🙂


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