Your Higher Self is the part of you that truly knows you — the you that you embody when you move your ego out of the way, just enough to catch a glimpse into your Soul. When we allow ourselves the freedom of expressing ourselves in authenticity, compassion, wholeness, and love — we see just how little external influences change us, as individuals.

We have the power to change our lives. Again, we have the power to change our lives. Our thoughts are but mere stories we make up and either choose to believe or choose to question. There’s no right or wrong way to do this — we either want to believe something or we choose to alter said belief in some or many ways. We do this by tuning into our Higher Selves and looking inward toward our heart and Soul.

We stay curious and continue to grow in this way. We listen to the voice that tells us “you’ve got this!” and ignore the ego that tries to tell us we don’t. You already know, in your heart of hearts that you can accomplish anything — it’s simply a matter of choosing to believe it.

What belief and/or beliefs do you want to keep that align with you, the real and authentic Higher Self that is the true you? What steps can you take TODAY to bring you closer to said belief?

Wishing everyone a beautiful Tuesday!


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