What is my life purpose? Why am I here?

We have all asked these questions over and over again without taking the time to pause.



Pay Attention Using Self Empowerment.

I literally just made that up (as far I know!)

When YOU feel empowered, you automatically become more aware and therefore, you are able to improve all aspects of your life. 

Let me help you realize your true potential and ways to better incorporate your self-power (via self-love) into your life!

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Every day it’s important to focus primarily on your strengths – to get you to where your desired state is. Every moment is meant to be for a reason. You can truly determine your life through your current state, your current thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It takes time and doesn’t always happen overnight – but in doing the work, while having a fun and excited attitude about it will get you there much quicker! You always have everything you could ever want or need. You are always, always provided for – you just have to see it for yourself! Once you really feel your desired state, you can tap right back into it at any time.

You have all the tools – I’m here to help show you your toolkit – tools you may not have believed you had access to! Ones you’ve had all along!



Via Phone 2 hrs

 $99.00 USD

Your intuition is one of the most pertinent aspects of developing, both personally and spiritually. In order to better implement said intuition, you must learn how to listen to it.

In this two hour reading, you will be able to identify any areas where you can improve your intuitive skill-sets, incorporate the self-love needed to do so, and the next steps needed to take to empower your life. So, get your pen and paper ready! This reading is via phone. *If we go over the allotted time, there is NO additional charge.

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Via Phone 1 hr

 $55.00 USD

In this one-hour coaching session, you will gain more clarity in your life, direction regarding your current path(s), and a better “grip” on how to use the tools you already have in your “toolbox.” With my coaching and experience in Neuro-linguistic programming, I can help provide guidance into your own Self to help you better understand your current state and how to get closer to your desired state.* If we go over the allotted time, there is NO additional charge. 


Via Skype 1 hr

 $88.00 USD

In this one-hour intuitive reading, via Skype, you will learn: The importance of tapping into your Higher Self How to tap into Spirit Energy (if one so wishes) & The best possible pathway to embark on next in your journey! You are always right where you need to be. Allow your mind to expand! * If we go over the allotted time, there is NO additional charge.


Via Phone 1 hr

 $77.00 USD

Your loved ones in Spirit are willing and ready to speak with you! You just have to be willing and ready as well! In this one-hour reading, you will have the opportunity to do just that. Whether this is your first reading, 50th, or you are an experienced medium yourself – it is always reassuring to know that our love does not “pass away” with our physical body. In fact, I have found that the healing from connecting with them can, and often times does, strengthen the bond we held with them while they were still in the physical. Remember: There is no fear here, only love. *If we go over the allotted time, there is NO additional charge.


Via Messenger 1 hr 

$44.00 USD
This reading/session allows the option for you to always have a typed out version of your reading/session. Also, this gives you the choice of choosing whether or not you prefer talking on the phone or would rather use text. Either way, I’m happy to offer this option to all of my clients that use Facebook.

Schedule Here

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As soon as payment is received, I will send you a confirmation email, description of service(s) requested, and confirmation of date & time of our appointment!

*Usually less than 72 hours for appointment availability!  PLEASE be sure to schedule your appointment via the appointment scheduler above before or after payment (you do NOT have to pay twice)!

Please contact me via the form below with any scheduling questions or specific requests. I will respond within 4-6 hours to confirm. Looking forward to working with you!
You can also reach me via email at:

*All sales are final – if appointments are not met with prior notification/rescheduling, there are no refunds. All payments are USD, accepted through Paypal.



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