Do you know what it truly means to be “mindful” in your everyday life? When you are eating, do you enjoy or even take note of the process taking place? How does the food taste, smell, even feel in your mouth? Do you think about how grateful you are for being able to enjoy whatever it is that you are eating? Or do you jam the food down your throat without much thought?

If you’re like most people (myself included) you more than likely fall under the latter category. Wanna know why we all do this? Because we’re human. Also,  because we have minds screaming to gain more knowledge and creativity utilization.

How does this have anything to do with what I was pointing out? Let me explain…

When we start noticing we’re not appreciating that meal,  that car,  that person,  whatever it is – something inside of us “clicks,” for lack of a better word. Suddenly, we get that urge to move, that motivation, that yearning to understand our own Self better.

This desire, this longing almost throws us headfirst into acknowledging the Self, our Higher Self, the true loving Soul we all truly are within.

Being almost yanked out of your comfort zone is sometimes needed. It’s not in a way to hurt or frighten you but to help and enlighten you.

No one is perfect, but being mindful of that fact, mindful of the way you treat yourself and others, mindful of the food you eat, the car you drive, the career with which you choose. Being AWARE of mindfulness is the first step to being mindful. Sounds silly and simple, but it’s true.

Next time you eat a meal, really think about what you’re consuming, feel (yes, feel) gratitude for said consumption, and anytime you remember to think about it: Use this in all areas/aspects of your life.

Before you yell at that cashier, did you notice there are 100 other people in line, she has crutches (indicating injury/hardship), and looks frazzled? Did you notice that person? Were you mindful enough in your thought process to decide, “eh, you know what? We are ALL in line waiting, she’s doing the best she can, I, MYSELF, am not truly that upset about this…I can hush my ego for a second.”

Be aware of how you treat yourself and others, always. We’re all in this together; why complicate things? Again, myself included.


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2 thoughts

  1. Be your trustworthy and self be true! All the things you are doing easily may be have purposes.mind the words and yourself as well.
    Your art is touching❤️truly beautiful!just keep going by this way.
    And kindly checkout my page too❤️ i would appreciate.

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