Someone brought this to my attention earlier today: what do you say when someone asks you how you developed your gifts?

Personally, I believe we are all born intuitive and with abilities. Obviously, with time and Earthly conditioning, we almost seem to numb them, in a sense.

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My whole life I’ve been an empath; so much so that I thought something was wrong with me. I’d get upset for no reason (turns out, I was just feeling the person’s feelings next to me). I had, had “experiences” but didn’t think much of them. I grew up attending private schools, have always believed in God, and still do, personally.

I “lost” someone very close to me over three years ago…that’s when my true “journey” began. I always knew, or thought I knew there was life after death. Now, I really KNOW. Going back to my Faith in God (Source, the universe, LOVE) – all has only strengthened. Not only do I believe in Him, I actually walk in Faith now, if that makes sense. Angels, Spirit, Spirit Guides, Etc. are, indeed, real.

For a while, I was afraid that I was doing something wrong. Upon further development and understanding, I soon learned I was just finding Truth.

Faith, Hope, and Love.

Have I had scary experiences? Yes. But, I now know that was me going through the “purging” process; getting rid of my own inner-demons, so to speak. I’ve learned that fear is an illusion we create ourselves. It is there, it shouldn’t be avoided (and, quite frankly, can’t be) because, without it, we wouldn’t know how to find, feel, allow, and accept both the fear(s) and the love we have inside. It is all about what we choose to accept for an extended amount of time.

What we allow, where we dwell (I’ve said this before) = where we strive.

When you choose love over fear you can’t lose. Meditation helped tremendously and I make sure to keep it a part of my daily practice, missing a day here and there, of course. In the beginning, I bought books upon books on any and everything Spiritual. I prayed a lot, hoped a lot, asked for Guidance all the time. The best part? I actually received said Guidance and still do every single day. I just finally learned how to listen, to let go, and to trust my Soul completely. To trust the love all around me and to share it with others via love, not force.

Once you realize that this life truly is short and meant to be a learning experience, a chance to grow – you can then start actually growing. It’s amazing. I’ve spent days crying happy tears. And I can tell you, I’ve had a lot of issues in the past and I’ve been through a lot. But, I couldn’t be more thankful now. Even some of the lessons I’ve yet to learn or understand, I know one day I will. Everything happens as it should; it’s just that we’re all wanting things RIGHT NOW.

When, really, all we need to do is JUST BE. ♥

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