What are the stories you tell yourself and other people? Are you a victim? Are you less-than, more-than, or equal to other people? How do you define yourself and your life? What role do you play? Most importantly, did YOU decide this story, these stories or did someone else? The stories you CHOOSE to tell play out in your life. The stories you think and the ones you tell sum up how you feel in your life. And, what are all of those stories? A choice.

So, what stories are you currently telling? What do you believe about yourself and your life? Be honest with yourself completely. In relation to others, what stories do you tell and/or believe? Do other people have it easier than you? Are you better or less than them? And (again with this one!), are you a victim? I’ve played that role before, admittedly. Or are you empowering yourself with inspiring, positive thoughts, beliefs, and actions? My goal is to hopefully help you achieve the latter.

Set the intention to REALLY listen to your own thoughts and stories. Really listen, because you can’t change limiting beliefs without first understanding your story. You can’t change anything without first changing your beliefs. Beliefs become habits and you can’t change the ones you don’t like so much until you stop repeating them. 

Do whatever you have to do to become more aware of your stories and who you believe yourself to be. If the story is dis-empowering and doesn’t feel so great — it’s time to move on and tell a new story. If it’s a story that is empowering and feels great — keep it!

Tell new stories. Live a new, upgraded, empowered, and desired life. Tell stories that feel amazing, actually believe them, and live that amazing life!

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